L.J. Hill: Namoi Mudd

L.J. Hill: Namoi Mudd
Title: Namoi Mudd
Label: Laughing Outlaw

Using musical influences from such disparate musicians as MERLE HAGGARD, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and TOM T. HALL, L.J. Hill has crafted his unique vision and subtle melody lines into memorable songs which tell stories of a world which most people don't know exist. L.J. Hill's music is unique in a world of computer generated melody and song. His world weary voice tells a story of struggle and hardship countered by delicate melody lines when he sings of love and unrequited love in both the city and the bush. L.J. Hill is a gentle big bear of a man who looks back at his colorful past to create his music. He is man whose past includes expertise in Rugby League, rodeo bull riding, shearing shed work and 'gentleman of the streets' in Melbourne and Sydney. He has many stories to tell, and L.J. tells them in a most unique manner.

1.1 18th Day of May
1.2 Sometimes Love Makes You Walk Alone
1.3 Pretty Bird Tree
1.4 Cold Wind
1.5 Moving Me Inside
1.6 Streets of Armidale
1.7 Cowboys Never Change
1.8 I've Walked a Million Miles
1.9 Tears in the Dust
1.10 Grandfather Hill
1.11 Namoi Mud
1.12 Le Lumiere

L.J. Hill: Namoi Mudd

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