L. Janacek

L. Janacek: Cunning Little Vixen

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Product Type: CD
Artist: L. Janacek

Title: Cunning Little Vixen
Label: Supraphon

1.1 Act I : Introduction
1.2 Act I : "There Is a Storm Coming"
1.3 Act I : "What a Surprise, Isn't It, Lapak?"
1.4 Act I : The Vixen Appears As a Maiden
1.5 Act I : "?You Should Have Followed My Example! You Shouldn?T Have Tried to Run a
1.6 Act II : Introduction - "Who Is It Making Such a Noise?"
1.7 Act II : "Yes, Things Will Be Much Better in Stran !"
1.8 Act II : "Either My Centre of Gravity Is Shifting or the Earth Is Turning from w
1.9 Act II : "Goodness Me, How Handsome He Is!"
1.10 Act II : "If You Only Knew What I Have Just Seen with My Own Eyes!"
2.1 Acte III : Introduction - "When I Was a Vagabond"
2.2 Acte III : "A Vixen?S Running Through the Woods"
2.3 Acte III : "How Many Children Have We Had?"
2.4 Acte III : "Where Is Your Husband, Mrs. Pasek?"
2.5 Acte III : "Wasn?T I Right?"

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