La Femme: Mystere

La Femme: Mystere
Title: Mystere
Label: Disque Pointu

2016 release. Following their debut album Psycho Tropical Berlin, French band La Femme are back with their second record Mystère. With a more psychedelic sound and numerous female guest vocalists that slice through the starkest of electro beats, La Femme celebrate their wonderful city Paris and tackle the enigmatic questioning of falling in and out of love.

1.1 Sphynx
1.2 Le Vide Est Ton Nouveau Prénom
1.3 Où Va Le Monde
1.4 Septembre
1.5 Tatiana
1.6 Conversations Nocturnes
1.7 S.S.D
1.8 Exorciseur
1.9 Elle Ne T'aime Pas
1.10 Mycose
1.11 Tueur de Fleurs
1.12 Always in the Sun
1.13 Al Warda
1.14 Psyzook
1.15 Le Chemin
1.16 Vagues

La Femme: Mystere

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