Jr: Dos Casas

La Jr: Dos Casas
Title: Dos Casas
Label: Acuarela

LA JR are back. Less hermetic than their previous albums, less strictly 'autistic pop', LA Jr could be a blend between RY Cooder, the sea and Cake, AR Kane or Sun Ra, and their new 11 cons all created thru' modest handicraft ingredients, part of what we think is one of the best European albums of 2007. When writing a music review or in this case a press release, it is difficult to not resort to subjectivity the me, myself and I syndrome. The reader doesn't give a damn that I woke up a day later feeling like it was Friday when actually it was Thursday, that the sun had skulked away shyly as it had come at sawn or that a spike from my cactus had prickled me reminding me to water it. Having said this. I have not been asked to write about time travel, weather reports or botany. I could mean absolutely everything or absolutely nothing.

1.1 Decoraci
1.2 Perro
1.3 Calor
1.4 Cu
1.5 Lado Il
1.6 Decoraci
1.7 Pistoleros
1.8 Mi a Mi
1.9 Wan Yo
1.10 Yo Voy a Cambiar, Eh!
1.11 Arrebato

Jr: Dos Casas

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