Ladybaby (the Idol Formerly Known as): Beside U

Ladybaby (the Idol Formerly Known as): Beside U
Title: Beside U
Label: Jpu Records

Japan's international rule breaking duo The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY release a special international version of their first and last album Beside U, featuring all the songs they've recorded together as a two-member unit and including translations for all tracks. The group and it's various line-ups have gained media attention across the globe for it's cute style mixed with heavy metal influences, and have achieved over 38 million views on YouTube as well as experiencing sold out shows in New York, Los Angeles and Cologne and appearing at London Hyper Japan. • Includes songs produced by "tatsuo" (BABYMETAL).

1.1 Pelo
1.2 Me! Me! Me!
1.3 Sanpai! Gosyuin Girl?
1.4 Easter Bunny
1.5 Generation Hard Knocks
1.6 Onigiric Riviver
1.7 Shibuya Crossing
1.8 Shan Shan Shantan
1.9 Pinky! Pinky!
1.10 Lady Baby Blue

Ladybaby (the Idol Formerly Known as): Beside U

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