Land of Talk: Some Are Lakes

Land of Talk: Some Are Lakes
Title: Some Are Lakes
Label: Saddle Creek
Product Type: VINYL LP

This album encompasses a great deal with very little, an aesthetic in stark contrast to orchestral pop and digi-tweaked indie chic. These songs set a perfect bridge from the jangling dissonance and ferocious doubled voicings of the band's debut, to the road-weathered clarity and reflection singer/songwriter Elizabeth Powell has now begun to own so fully.

1.1 Yuppy Flu
1.2 Death By Fire
1.3 The Man Who Breaks Things (Dark Shuffle)
1.4 Some Are Lakes
1.5 Give Me Back My Heart Attack
1.6 It's Okay
1.7 Young Bridge
1.8 Corner Phone
1.9 Got a Call
1.10 Troubled
1.11 [CD-ROM Track]

Land of Talk: Some Are Lakes

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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