Lantern: Below

Lantern: Below
Title: Below
Label: Dark Descent

After letting the dust of their acknowledged 2011 EP settle, Finland's Lantern have returned to deliver a new, far more epic slab of dark and atmospheric death metal performed in the ancient vein. Lantern's debut album "Below" is a relentless plunge into the unfathomable darkness these compositions are born of, presented in the band's unique style of carefully crafted yet filthy and morbid metal. Compiling seven strongly distinct macabre tales and covering thirty-eight minutes, "Below" is a definitive statement of a band in top form and demonstrates that death's not dead.

1.1 Rites of Descent
1.2 Revenant
1.3 Entrenching Presences
1.4 Manifesting Shambolic Aura
1.5 Demons in My Room
1.6 Below
1.7 From the Ruins

Lantern: Below

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