Larsen / Sivebaek

Larsen / Sivebaek: Ta Mig Med

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Ta Mig Med
Label: Our Recordings
Product Type: VINYL LP

A journey into the heart of the Danish soul. Kim Larsen (1945-2018) - the much loved Danish rock musician and multi-artist -Kim Larsen (1945-2018) - the much-loved Danish rock musician and multifaceted artist - captures - in music and words - the Danish soul. With his 500 recorded songs and 40 albums he is known by all Danes of all ages. Guitarist, and head of guitar department at The Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Jesper Sivebæk, had 2 heroes in his youth: Andrés Segovia and Kim Larsen - and they have followed him ever since. For more than 10 years Jesper Sivebæk has worked on the pieces on this album. With his great experience he uses the possibilities of the guitar to the utmost, and follows the classical tradition of making instrumental versions of folk songs - as in Miguel Llobet's arrangements of Catalan folksongs, Benjamin Britten's English and Chinese folksongs arrangements, and Bela Bartok's Hungarian folk songs. Sivebæk is true both to the beauty and the simplicity of Kim Larsens songs, and to his instrument - the classical Spanish guitar. In these arrangements classical guitar players around the globe now have 12 new pieces to discover and put on their concert programs.

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