Las Rosas

Las Rosas: Shadow By Your Side

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Artist: Las Rosas

Artist: Las Rosas
Title: Shadow By Your Side
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. With their sophomore album, Shadow By Your Side, Brooklyn, NY's Las Rosas puts on full display their growth as performers and songwriters. The 9-track collection brings you into the world of Las Rosas like never before with thrilling results. "The music was largely created during the night shifts of an enormous life dismantling, and was recorded in Nashville TN and New Paltz, NY by very talented gentlemen," the band explains. "The music is represented visually by the planet Venus in it's crescent phase." Brooklyn Vegan's assertion that, "Las Rosas makes superior poppy garage-psych, with a flair for hooks, melody and arrangement" is certainly true here.

1.1 The Ghost
1.2 Tax Man
1.3 Christa
1.4 Me Myself
1.5 Nothing's Wrong
1.6 Dinner for One
1.7 Flood This House
1.8 Losing No Sleep
1.9 Upstairs Guy

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