Last Giant

Last Giant: Heavy Habitat

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Artist: Last Giant

Artist: Last Giant
Title: Heavy Habitat
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing including digital download. 2015 release from the indie rockers. You can catch a view of big game while on safari. You can tune into an episode of Wild Kingdom. Go ahead. Crack the spine of your best bestiary book and flip through for a picture of that splendid creature in it's natural environment. With our fangs, claws and talons, we are not so different from untamed animals. Especially when tuned in, turned on. Last Giant is that rare rough beast whose true identity reveals not in a glossy snapshot but through sound: heavy sound. There is only a single species of rock record like Heavy Habitat, one that cannot be contained by any zoo. Long believed endangered, perhaps even extinct, it's come free of it's cage and can now be found roaming the land, hungry for dominion. Something big has broken it's chains. So park the car. Turn up the stereo as high as it will go and open the windows. It's coming your way. Finally.

1.1 2's ; 3's
1.2 Captain My Captain
1.3 Mountain Size
1.4 Big Dumb Words
1.5 Jef Leppard
1.6 Harmony
1.7 Night Swimming
1.8 Ginger Baker
1.9 Emperor in Reverse
1.10 Swim till' We're Sober...The We Start Over

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