Last Orders / Postal

Last Orders / Postal: 2 Piece Split

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Product Type: CD

Title: 2 Piece Split
Label: Rucktion Records

London hardcore's legacy of creativity stretches back over the last couple of decades, and LAST ORDERS are the latest band to continue the tradition of musicians uniting to form new projects and keep the scene alive. With a line-up that includes members of Ironed Out, Proven, Dropset, Idle Hands, Tantrum and two of the original members of Cold Hard Truth, LAST ORDERS defy any expectations of how they will sound. Comparable to Knuckledust, Warzone or Wisdom in Chains, LAST ORDERS' short and to the point style displays plenty of their own personality as they offer a fresh and sometimes light-hearted perspective on a variety of topics. Making serious points but never taking themselves too seriously, they proudly fly the flag for straight up old school working class hardcore. Rucktion Records is proud to present it's latest release, a transatlantic split CD between London's up and coming old school heroes LAST ORDERS, and Ohio, USA's crossover warriors POSTAL. Featuring 5 tracks from each band, this 2-piece combo is packed full of meaty riffs, relatable lyrics and working class pride and attitude. Hailing from Columbus Ohio, POSTAL display a similar irreverent attitude with their ugly and aggressive thrashing crossover attack, as the band take you back to the glory days of the mid-80's, whilst still injecting plenty of their own personality. Definitely leaning towards the hardcore end of the genre, POSTAL expertly blend the no bullshit attitude of old school hardcore with classic metallic crossover tempos and riffing. Topped off with Jimmy the Mick's gruff and powerful bellow, each tune is trimmed down to the absolute essentials and wastes no time in getting straight to the point, but despite their ferocity, the well-structured riffing and composition of their songs make them instantly catchy and memorable, as the band blaze through tales of the highs and lows of life. Neither band shies away from tackling a wide variety of topics, ranging from the serious to the hilarious but all relating to everyday reality as seen through their eyes. Beer, chicken, friendship, positivity, anger and depression are just some of the themes, sometimes sincere and thoughtful but never taking themselves too seriously. LAST ORDERS' and POSTAL's sincere old-school hardcore and raging crossover thrash complement each other perfectly, and there is plenty of flair and flavor on display in this quality 2-piece combo for hardcore fans to sink their teeth into.

1.1 Last Orders - Loony Spoons
1.2 Last Orders - Make It Right
1.3 Last Orders - Two Piece
1.4 Last Orders - Denzil's Anthem Feat. DBS
1.5 Last Orders - War Between Races (Warzone)
1.6 Postal - Doughnuts for the Homies
1.7 Postal - Nothing
1.8 Postal - Sleep
1.9 Postal - Obvious Asshole
1.10 Postal - Call in Sick

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