Laura Groves

Laura Groves: Thinking About Thinking

$8.18 $9.98
Artist: Laura Groves

Artist: Laura Groves
Title: Thinking About Thinking
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Started in 2012 by Nathan Jenkins, AKA Bullion and Mikey Stirton, DEEK Recordings is a channel for releasing music that is diverse and worldly, pop, not slop. Under the blanket of Nathan's production, DEEK has seen solo records from Laura Groves and Bullion, alongside collaborative projects in the form of Nautic and Blludd Relations. Other contributors include Gwilym Gold and Fabiana Palladino. In look (Otis Marchbank) and feel, DEEK stays distinctly English, eccentricities on show. Sound and vision combine to create something that sticks in your head, or in your craw!

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