Laura Marling: Short Movie

Laura Marling: Short Movie
Title: Short Movie
Label: Universal
Product Type: VINYL LP

Laura Marling has announced her follow-up to 2013's Once I Was an Eagle. The new LP is titled Short Movie, and will be released on March 23 via Virgin EMI; that's the artwork, above. In addition to announcing the LP, Marling has unveiled it's title track in the form of an animated music video directed by Art & Graft. Update: The album will be released March 24 in the U. S. via Ribbon Music.

1.1 Warrior
1.2 False Hope
1.3 I Feel Your Love
1.4 Walk Alone
1.5 Strange
1.6 Don't Let Me Bring You Down
1.7 Easy
1.8 Gurdjieff's Daughter
1.9 Divine Light
1.10 How Can I
1.11 Howl
1.12 Short Movie
1.13 Worship Me

Laura Marling: Short Movie

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