Laurie Berkner

Laurie Berkner: Superhero

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Laurie Berkner

Title: Superhero
Label: Two Tomatoes

2016 release. Superhero is the highly-anticipated first full album of brand new originals from kids music superstars, The Laurie Berkner Band, since 2008. The album, intended for audiences ages 1-7, features 21 songs (plus two bonus tracks!) that speak to kids without talking down to them through imaginative lyrics that enchant and empower. Superhero explores a range of musical genres including pop, rock, lullabies, reggae, Latin, & more! Guest artists: Ziggy Marley, Brady Rymer, and Kira Willey.

1.1 Superhero
1.2 Tallulah Jones
1.3 Bicycle
1.4 My My Marisol
1.5 This Is How I Do It
1.6 I've Got So Much to Give
1.7 Bubbles
1.8 Tea Party
1.9 When I Woke Up Today
1.10 Umbrella
1.11 Face to Face
1.12 Opelika Alabama
1.13 Juniper Square
1.14 Pajama Time!
1.15 Swing Me
1.16 Elephant in There
1.17 Fireworks
1.18 The Music in Me
1.19 In and Out (Take a Trip)
1.20 1-2 Hands

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