Lawrence Arabia

Lawrence Arabia: Sparrow

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lawrence Arabia

Title: Sparrow
Label: Bella Union

New Zealand songwriter / producer Lawrence Arabia returns with the Sparrow, the follow up to the critically-acclaimed and award-winning Chant Darling. Venturing away from the harmony-laden, classic pop production of that release, the Sparrow is a more measured and minimalist work, drawing particularly on the influence of the symphonic late-sixties work of Scott Walker and Serge Gainsbourg.

1.1 Travelling Shoes
1.2 Lick Your Wounds
1.3 The Listening Times
1.4 Bicycle Riding
1.5 The 03
1.6 Early Kneecappings
1.7 The Bisexual
1.8 Dessau Rag
1.9 Legends

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