Lawton / Lawton / Evans

Lawton / Lawton / Evans: High Is the Heaven

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Product Type: CD

Title: High Is the Heaven
Label: Gia Publications

Liam Lawton's High Is the Heaven combines Celtic themes, strong melodies, and poignant texts to create this unique and accessible collection of music for liturgical celebrations and beyond. Like so many of Liam's songs, each exquisite piece has a back story. For example, the psalm "The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor" was written for the Papal Mass of Pope Francis in Ireland. "High Is the Heaven" was written to celebrate the 800th anniversary of St. Columba-one of the ancient Celtic monks who brought Christianity from Ireland to Europe, and the Christmas piece "There's a Star" was written for Liam's own parish choir in Ireland. This shorter collection contains a wide variety of songs for worship. In true Lawton fashion, he injects the beauty and spirituality of his homeland into every song. You will not want to miss High Is the Heaven. Grab it for your library today!

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