Le Stim

Le Stim: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali (We Crown the King)

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Artist: Le Stim

Artist: Le Stim
Title: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali (We Crown the King)
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Twelve inch vinyl pressing. With MEL013, Melodies International are extremely proud to bring you at last, a disco anthem from Detroit that was originally recorded in 1980 and dedicated to the "King Of The Champion Fighters": Le Stim - A Tribute to Muhammad Ali (We Crown The King). Le Stim was a band formed by lead vocalist Donald Jennings in the late 70s. Now an ordained deacon back in Detroit, Jennings was brought up in a gospel environment and was said to be born to sing. Growing up picking up songs from the likes of Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald or Sam Cooke, Jennings frequently performed for family and friends and went on to sing for audiences in New York, St. Louis and all-around Detroit. We Crown The King is a song written in the mid-70s by the late Herbert Andrei Duncan, also from Detroit. Duncan approached Jennings with the song who was initially reluctant to sing it because it took him out of his usual vocal range. However, Duncan finally (thankfully!) managed to persuade Jennings after five years to record a tune that would prove to become a party anthem decades later. Licensing this record has proven to be Melodies' biggest research effort as of yet and has involved visiting it's author, Duncan's former house in Detroit only to discover it had burned down and that his family had moved years ago. It wouldn't have been possible without the invaluable help of Jeremy from Rain & Shine records (NZ) who then managed to track down the family back in Texas!

1.1 A Tribute to Muhammad Ali (We Crown the King) (Extended Mix)
1.2 A Tribute to Muhammad Ali (We Crown the King)

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