Leaders of the New School

Leaders of the New School: Future Without a Past

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Product Type: CD

Title: Future Without a Past
Label: Elektra / WEA

Hip hop group Leaders of the New School brought a youthful exuberance to old school hip. Breakout star Busta Rhymes cut his teeth on this album, an exciting peek at a future icon. The punchy stomp and jazz flourishes of "Sobb Story" and "Case of the P.T.A." are infectious.

1.1 Homeroom:
1.2 Case of the P.T.A
1.3 Too Much on My Mind
1.4 What's the Pinocchio's Theory?
1.5 Just When You Thought It Was Safe
1.6 Lunchroom:
1.7 Sound of the Zeekers @#*?!
1.8 Sobb Story
1.9 Feminine Fatt
1.10 Transformers
1.11 Afterschool:
1.12 Show Me a Hero
1.13 Trains, Planes and Automobiles
1.14 The International Zone Coaster
1.15 Teachers, Don't Teach Us Nonsense!!
1.16 My Ding-A-Ling
1.17 Where Do We Go from Here?

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