Leaf Rapids: Lucky Stars

Leaf Rapids: Lucky Stars
Title: Lucky Stars
Label: Idla
Product Type: VINYL LP

'Lucky Stars' is one of those rare albums that can only come to light when a small group of seasoned players get together to work intuitively and create music from the heart. Listening to Keri on guitar and Theremin and Devin on bass while Steve works his magic on most everything else except for drums - ably played throughout by Gary Craig - is like having a fireside seat at a tiny house concert. Intimate and assured, 'Lucky Stars' will certainly be one of 2015's musical highlights. For her latest endeavor, 'Leaf Rapids', she has collaborated with her husband Devin Latimer, who also plays bass with Nathan, to explore new musical ideas that incorporate the feeling of open space that has fascinated her since moving to the prairie town of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

1.1 Virtual Machine
1.2 April
1.3 Everything In Between
1.4 Don't Be Scared
1.5 Lucky Stars
1.6 Healing Feeling
1.7 Vulture Lullaby
1.8 Gravity And A Ladder Of Gold
1.9 Galaxie 500
1.10 Agent Of The Night
1.11 The Man Who Sold The World

Leaf Rapids: Lucky Stars

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