Leclair / Deuter / Waisman

Leclair / Deuter / Waisman: Sons for Two Violins Op.12

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Title: Sons for Two Violins Op.12
Label: Accent Records

Jean-marie Leclair: Sonatas For 2 Violins, Jean-Marie Leclair / Florian Deuter / Monica Waisman, Number of Discs: 1. Jean-Marie Leclair, ordinaire de la musique du roi in the court orchestra of Louis XV, was considered "The Corelli of France" by his contemporaries - and not without reason. The duos for two violins without basso continuo stand out in his oeuvre, not least because of their unusual instrumentation. In them, Leclair introduced a new art of violin-playing that combined Italian virtuosity with the elegance of French dance. On this release, two proven baroque specialists, Florian Deuter and Monica Waisman, perform a selection of these spectacular works.

1.1 Allegro Ma Poco
1.2 Andante. Amoroso - Altro
1.3 Allegro Assai
1.4 Allegro Ma Poco
1.5 Largo
1.6 Minuetto. Non Troppo Allegro - Altro
1.7 Allegro
1.8 Un Poco Andante
1.9 Un Poco Andante
1.10 Sarabanda. Largo
1.11 Giga. Prestissimo
1.12 Andante
1.13 Allegro Moderato
1.14 Largo
1.15 Vivace
1.16 Allegro
1.17 Aria. Andante Gratioso - Un Poco Piu Allegro - Piu Andante
1.18 Allegro Assai
1.19 Allegro
1.20 Allegro Moderato
1.21 Andante. Dolce
1.22 Allegro Non Presto

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