Lederman, Rohn

Lederman, Rohn: Venus Chariot

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lederman, Rohn

Title: Venus Chariot
Label: Cop International

Emileigh Rohn (US/ Chiasm) and Jean-Marc Lederman (Belgium/ The Weathermen, Ghost & Writer,... ) join up to create this new night dream electronic collaboration for your insomniac ears. Rohn's soothing voice yet jarring message combined with Lederman's accomplished, eclectic instrumentation lift spirits to an unworldly state. Venus Chariot" is the music equivalent of an open wound: a strong, unique, bold, and an emotive record showing vulnerability and a totally fragile and honest exposure of feelings scanning through fear, hope, and loneliness, questioning, and LoveEmileigh Rohn is known mostly for her electronic solo project Chiasm, which has kept her musically occupied for over 20 years. More recently, she completed an album with John Fryer titled "Missed The Noise", and since has been working with Jean-Marc Lederman on this project. She also plans to continue her solo work in the near future. Belgian music composer, Jean-Marc Lederman has been working with the likes of Fad Gadget, The The, Gene Loves Jezebel but mainly with his own bands like The Weathermen (with their underground hit "Poison") or Ghost & Writer (with Frank Spinath from Seabound). He is working as well in the fields of movies and video games JML about VC: This is without a doubt the most poignant and aching record I ever worked on and I'm very proud of what Emileigh and myself have achieved together.

1.1 The Words Already Heard
1.2 Anymore
1.3 Destruction and More
1.4 Creature Puppets
1.5 I Can’t Watch You Give Up
1.6 Sunflower
1.7 All The Little Things Left For Dead Go Unsaid (a.k.a. “The River”)
1.8 Spinning Down
1.9 Up In Flames
1.10 Open Up The Floodgates
1.11 Watch Out!
1.12 What’d We Find Out?
1.13 Come Over Here
1.14 Are We Supposed To Be Here?
1.15 When You’re In Love, The Music Doesn’t Sound The Same

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