Lee Ann Womack

Lee Ann Womack: Lee Ann Womack

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Artist: Lee Ann Womack

Artist: Lee Ann Womack
Title: Lee Ann Womack

Since Lee Ann's debut single, "Never Again, Again," shipped to radio in February of '97, the song has been a runaway success. With 48 adds one week prior to the official report date, the song has gained the attention of audiences and programmers nationwide and it is currently in rotation on over 130 reporting stations. The video was also serviced to all outlets and is currently in Hot Shot rotation on CMT and Hit Bound on TNN; at least 2 more videos will be produced to support the album.

1.1 Never Again, Again
1.2 A Man with 18 Wheels
1.3 You've Got to Talk to Me
1.4 The Fool
1.5 Am I the Only Thing That You've Done Wrong
1.6 Buckaroo
1.7 Make Memories with Me
1.8 Trouble's Here
1.9 Do You Feel for Me
1.10 Montgomery to Memphis
1.11 Get Up in Jesus' Name

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