Lee Perry Scratch & Upsetters: Blackboard Jungle Dub

Lee Perry Scratch & Upsetters: Blackboard Jungle Dub
Title: Blackboard Jungle Dub
Label: Clocktower

The Upsetters ?- Blackboard Jungle Dub CD - Clocktower Records ?- Blackboard Jungle is a studio album by The Upsetters. The album, originally released in 1973 under artist name "Upsetters 14 Dub", was pressed in only 300 copies and issued only in Jamaica. This was the first stereo dub album, as well as the first to include reverb. Drums - Lloyd "Tin Legs" Adams, Carly Barrett, Anthony "Benbow" Creary, Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace / Bass - Family Man, Lloyd Parks, Errol "Bagga" Walker / Guitar - Alva Lewis, Valentine "Tony" Chin, Anthony "Sangie" Davis, Barrington Daley / Organ - Glen Adams, Winston Wright, Bernard "Touter" Harvey / Piano - Gladstone "Gladdy" Anderson, Tommy McCook / Melodica - Augustus Pablo / Trombone - Ronald Wilson / Trumpet - Bobby Ellis / Percussion - Noel "Skully" Simms, Uziah "Sticky" Thompson, Lee Perry / Engineers - Lee Perry, King Tubby

1.1 Blackboard Jungle Dub (Version 1)
1.2 Rubba, Rubba Words
1.3 Cloak A Dagger (Version. 3)
1.4 Dub From Africa
1.5 Dreamland Dub
1.6 Pop Goes The Dread Dub
1.7 Fever Grass Dub
1.8 Sin Semilla Kaya Dub
1.9 Moving Forward
1.10 Blackboard Jungle Dub (Version 2)
1.11 Kasha Macka Dub
1.12 Setta Iration Dub

Lee Perry Scratch & Upsetters: Blackboard Jungle Dub

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