Lee Scratch Perry

Lee Scratch Perry: Tighten Up

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Title: Tighten Up
Label: BMG Rights Managemen

Enigmatic artist-songwriter-producer Lee 'Scratch' Perry has played a significant role in shaping the sound of popular Jamaican music through a succession of sublime and often ground-breaking recordings. Soon after launching his Upsetter Records label in 1968, he produced the internationally successful 7" single 'Return Of Django' c/w 'Dollar In The Teeth', which reached number 5 in the UK charts the following year. Further bestselling singles and albums immediately followed, and late in 1973 he opened his Black Ark studio from where he set about creating an astounding body of work that included an array of major reggae hits, performed by some of Jamaica's finest talents. This 2CD collection, features 28 significant productions from the sixties and seventies, with highlights including the aforementioned Upsetters' double-header, 'Hurt So Good', 'Curly Locks', 'Mr Cop' and 'Sipple Out Deh' aka 'War Ina Babylon'.

1.1 Return of Django - By the Upsetters
1.2 Hurt So Good - By Susan Cadogan
1.3 Sipple Out Deh (Aka War in Babylon) [Jamaican Mix] - By Max Romeo
1.4 Curly Locks - By Junior Byles
1.5 Tighten Up - By the Inspirations
1.6 Fever - By Susan Cadogan
1.7 Mr. Cop - By Gregory Isaacs
1.8 People Funny Boy - By Lee "Scratch" Perry
1.9 Think So - By the Meditations
1.10 Bad Weed (12" Mix) - By Junior Murvin
1.11 Roast Fish and Corn Bread (Jamaican Mix) - By Lee "Scratch" Perry
1.12 Words of My Mouth - By the Gatherers
1.13 Soul Fire - By Lee "Scratch" Perry
1.14 Sons of Slaves (12" Version) - By Junior Delgado
2.1 Disco Devil (7" Mix) - By Lee "Scratch" Perry ; the Full Experience
2.2 Three Blind Mice - By Max Romeo ; the Upsetters
2.3 A Place Called Africa - By Junior Byles
2.4 Bushweed Corntrash - By Bunny Rugs ; Ricky Storm
2.5 Dollar in the Teeth - By the Upsetters
2.6 Stay Dread - By Lee "Scratch" Perry
2.7 White Belly Rat - By Lee "Scratch" Perry
2.8 Sick and Tired - By Neville Grant
2.9 Enter the Dragon - By Lee "Scratch" Perry ; the Upsetters
2.10 Big Neck Policeman - By Lee "Scratch" Perry
2.11 Free Up the Prisoners (12" Mix) - By Lee "Scratch" Perry
2.12 City Too Hot (7" Mix) - By Lee "Scratch" Perry
2.13 Bad Food - By Seke Molenga ; Kalo Kawongolo
2.14 Ital Corner - By Prince Jazzbo ; Max Romeo

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