Leroi Conroy

Leroi Conroy: Tiger Trot / Enter

$6.86 $7.98
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Leroi Conroy

Artist: Leroi Conroy
Title: Tiger Trot / Enter
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Seven inch vinyl pressing. Leroi Conroy has been busy since his last 45 in 2014... mixing records, putting together artwork for other Colemine releases, producing new records at the new Loveland studio, but the time has come for Leroi to get some new tunes out there. So we are proud to present the first official production from our Plaid Room studio in Loveland, OH and these bad boys are heavy! These are the first two tracks from a forthcoming full-length LP effort from Leroi and company. They are both moody as hell and feature some fantastic breakbeats courtesy of Colemine drumming ace Rob Houk. Don't sleep on this one, grab doubles!

1.1 Tiger Trot
1.2 Enter

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