Leroy Van Dyke

Leroy Van Dyke: Auctioneer

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Leroy Van Dyke

Title: Auctioneer
Label: Bear Family

In 1957 Leroy Van Dyke scored one of the great crossover novelty hits of the rock 'n' roll era. His song, The Auctioneer, was a Top 20 pop and country hit, and the original version is here together with the remainder of his Dot recordings, like Chicken Shack Boogie, Heartbreak Cannonball and Leather Jacket.

1.1 Auctioneer
1.2 I Fell in Love with a Pony Tail
1.3 Leather Jacket
1.4 I'm Movin' on
1.5 My Good Mind (Went Bad on Me)
1.6 Heartbreak Cannonball
1.7 Chicken Shack Boogie
1.8 One Heart
1.9 Poor Boy
1.10 What This Old World Needs
1.11 Everytime I Ask My Heart
1.12 Pocketbook Song
1.13 Down at the South End of Town
1.14 Honky Tonk Song
1.15 One Heart (2)

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