Les Discrets

Les Discrets: Live at Roadburn

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Les Discrets

Title: Live at Roadburn
Label: Prophecy
Product Type: VINYL LP

Another Roadburn festival has passed and the next one is happening between April 14th-17th 2016 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Two years ago, Les Discrets played a celebrated concert there, which has been recorded and is now set for release (LP, CD, digital) on June 5th via Prophecy Productions. Live At Roadburn features 8 live tracks and is the first live album of Les Discrets. All the details you need to know are available below. In company with the Alcest musicians Winterhalter (drums), Neige (bass) and Zero (guitar, background vocals), mastermind Fursy Teyssier (vocals, guitar) showcased the best tunes from the first two Les Discrets albums. In retrospect, this performance carries great weight for the history of Les Discrets: as Teyssier won't be operating within the rock/metal context anymore in the future, this concert was most likely the last with emphasis on the songs of Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées and Ariettes Oubliées... as well as their familiar arrangements.

1.1 Linceul D'hiver
1.2 L'échappée
1.3 Les Feuilles de L'olivier
1.4 Au Creux de L'hiver
2.1 Le Mouvement Perpétuel
2.2 La Nuit Muette
2.3 Chanson D'automne
2.4 Song for Mountains

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