Letters From the Colony

Letters From the Colony: Vignette

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Artist: Letters From the Colony
Title: Vignette

A highly complex construct of math metal, crushing death elements and virtuosic shoegaze moments - Letters From the Colony create more than just songs. The young progressive extreme metal architects from Borlänge in Sweden are building tracks that are able to catapult them right into the league of bands such as MESHUGGAH, OPETH or GOJIRA with their first album only just on the horizon.

1.1 Galax
1.2 Erasing Contrast
1.3 The Final Warning
1.4 This Creature Will Haunt Us Forever
1.5 Cataclysm
1.6 Terminus
1.7 Glass Palaces
1.8 Sunwise
1.9 Vignette

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