Lewis Black

Lewis Black: In God We Rust

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lewis Black

Title: In God We Rust
Label: Comedy Central

All-star comedian, Lewis Black, is back and funnier than ever in LEWIS BLACK: IN GOD WE RUST. Jump on for a rant-filled, cathartic ride through the issues of our baffling world, from inept politicians and the shortcomings of technology to the absurdity of social media.

1.1 Warning
1.2 Wendover
1.3 Valentine's Day
1.4 War on Terror
1.5 Distracted/Jersey Shore
1.6 Apps
1.7 LSD
1.8 Sushi
1.9 Body Scanner
1.10 iPhone
1.11 Droid
1.12 Old
1.13 Same Arguments
1.14 Facebook
1.15 Farmville
1.16 Third Party

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