Liberace: Live At The Hollywood Bowl - The Complete Concert

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Artist: Liberace

Artist: Liberace
Title: Live At The Hollywood Bowl - The Complete Concert

Brenda Brubaker writes: "This is a wonderful live Liberace concert at the Hollywood Bowl from 1954. The sound quality is excellent as Columbia Records recorded the whole concert. This is such a fantastic concert that I would recommend this to anyone, specifically someone that has never heard Liberace before. This is highly entertaining, with wonderful music and you will be surprised at Liberace's comic timing! You will laugh your head off a lot too at his jokes and comments. His charm and warmth is very evident here, as well as his humanity. His brother George is the musical director. They also play with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and members of Liberace's regular band which are all introduced. By the end of the show, you will be a Liberace fan and will understand why he was and is so popular and was known as "Mr. Showmanship"!"

1.1 Move It
1.2 Schoolboy Crush
1.3 High Class Baby
1.4 My Feet Hit the Ground
1.5 Livin' Lovin' Doll
1.6 Steady with You
1.7 Mean Streak
1.8 Never Mind
1.9 Living Doll
1.10 Apron Strings
1.11 Travellin' Light
1.12 Dynamite
1.13 A Voice in the Wilderness
1.14 Don't Be Mad at Me
1.15 Fall in Love with You
1.16 Willie and the Hand Jive
1.17 Please Don't Tease
1.18 Where Is My Heart
1.19 Nine Times Out of Ten
1.20 I Love You
1.21 'D' in Love
1.22 Theme for a Dream
1.23 Mumblin' Mosie
1.24 A Girl Like You
1.25 Now's the Time to Fall in Love
1.26 Gee Whiz It's You
1.27 When the Girl in Your Arms
1.28 The Young Ones
1.29 I'm Looking Out the Window
1.30 Do You Wanna Dance
1.31 It'll Be Me
1.32 The Next Time
1.33 Bachelor Boy
1.34 Summer Holiday (Take 9)

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