Lighthouse: Lighthouse / Suite Feeling / Peacing It All

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Artist: Lighthouse

Artist: Lighthouse
Title: Lighthouse / Suite Feeling / Peacing It All

UK two CD containing the Canadian jazz rockers' three albums for RCA, dating from 1969 and 1970. At one time, Lighthouse boasted 13 members, playing very much their own brand of music and subsequently paving the way for acts such as Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago. They disbanded in 1976 but reformed in 1982 as a 10 piece, and continue to gig and occasionally record. Includes extensive new notes.

1.1 Mountain Man
1.2 If There Ever Was a Time
1.3 No Opportunity Necessary
1.4 Never Say Goodbye
1.5 Follow the Stars
1.6 Whatever Forever
1.7 Eight Miles High
1.8 Marsha, Marsha
1.9 Ah I Can Feel It
1.10 Life Can Be So Simple
1.11 Chest Fever
1.12 Feel So Good
1.13 Places on Faces Four Blue Carpet Traces
1.14 Could You Be Concerned
2.1 Presents of Presence
2.2 Taking a Walk
2.3 Eight Loaves of Bread
2.4 What Sense
2.5 A Day in the Life
2.6 Nam Myoho Renge' Kyo/Let the Happiness Begin
2.7 Every Day I Am Reminded the Country Song
2.8 Sausalito
2.9 The Fiction of Twenty-Six Million
2.10 The Chant (Nam Myoho Renge' Kyo)
2.11 Mr. Candleman
2.12 On My Way to L.A
2.13 Daughters and Sons
2.14 Just a Little More Time
2.15 Little People/Nam Myoho Renge' Kyo

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