Lil' Blacky: It's A Hustlers World, Vol. 2

Title: It's A Hustlers World, Vol. 2
Label: Pannes Ave.

Lil Blacky burst upon the rap scene at the early age of 16 when he released Still World Famous, Young and Dangerous in 1998. With his next release, Big Ballin in 2000, Lil Blacky earned even greater success and respect with over 50,000 copies sold through Soundscan. Now Blacky has compiled It's a Hustler's World Volume 2, featuring 13 exclusive tracks by some of Latin rap's hottest artists along with all new tracks by Lil Blacky, Slow Pain, Old Town Gangsters, DTTX of Lighter Shade of Brown, Trav, Pops, Lil Sicko, and newcomers Downfall Click are all here.

1.1 That Paper - Lil' Blacky, Lil' Sicko
1.2 My Life - Lil' Blacky, Lil' Sicko
1.3 Coldest in the Game
1.4 Senorita
1.5 Killa Kali
1.6 From Tha
1.7 In California [Remix]
1.8 Pay Me
1.9 That's the Way I Am
1.10 Tips on the... - Kokane, Lil' Blacky
1.11 Dot Stall
1.12 We Ride We Dip - Lil' Sicko
1.13 G-S*It
2.1 [Untitled Track]
2.2 [Untitled Track]
2.3 [Untitled Track]
2.4 [Untitled Track]
2.5 [Untitled Track]
2.6 [Untitled Track]
2.7 [Untitled Track]
2.8 [Untitled Track]
2.9 [Untitled Track]
2.10 [Untitled Track]
2.11 [Untitled Track]
2.12 [Untitled Track]
2.13 [Untitled Track]

Lil' Blacky: It's A Hustlers World, Vol. 2

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