Li'L Cap'N Travis

Li'L Cap'N Travis: Twilight on Sometimes Island

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Li'L Cap'N Travis
Title: Twilight on Sometimes Island

Austin's Li'L Cap'N Travis plays a unique brand of blissful modern pop. Emotionally committed an stylistically eclectic, their 4th album, Twilight on Sometimes Island, recalls the eloquence and beauty of the Zombies with the good natured eclecticism of bands like Camper Van Beethoven and Calexico. There is an undiluted romanticism to these tracks, casually outfitted in their shimmering gauzy layers of monochord, old synthesizers, gorgeous swells of pedal steel and warmly produced by Michael Crow (The Gourds, Grand Champeen). Digipak.

1.1 Violeta, Diamond of the Everglades
1.2 Fangs in My Mouth
1.3 Cherry Chapstick
1.4 Sugar Buzz
1.5 Regatta
1.6 Entertained
1.7 Twilight on Sometimes Island (Souquest 17)
1.8 Pleasure
1.9 Get Wise to Yourself
1.10 Magic of December
1.11 Girls on Peachtree
1.12 Blinding Crash
1.13 My Ship Is Coming in
1.14 Drop of Golden Sun

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