Lilli Lewis

Lilli Lewis: The Henderson Sessions

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Artist: Lilli Lewis

Artist: Lilli Lewis
Title: The Henderson Sessions
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Lilli Lewis' national debut LP, The Henderson Sessions, effortlessly straddles multiple musical genres with a series of deeply personal and thoroughly global songs that cut to the emotional core and tap into a powerful social consciousness: a self-portrait everyone can see if they look in the right mirror. Armed with only her piano and a soulful, stirring voice, her inspirational originals, mixed with interpretations of folk rock classics and fresh takes on traditional blues and jazz numbers, reflect a wide range of influences held together by common threads. Strains of Southern Baptist Gospel bleed into civil rights activism; civil rights meld into social justice and equality, and that turns into inner-personal and global peace. Lewis, an award-winning classically trained singer and songwriter, began playing piano at the age of three. A prolific writer, composer, pianist and producer, her songs are a direct result of growing up listening to her father's sermons and southern choirs in rural Georgia churches and learning the northern sensibilities of her civil rights activist mother.

1.1 Sitting on Top of the World
1.2 Blue Rock
1.3 Our Short Walk Through This Life
1.4 One Shoe
1.5 Coffee Shop Girl
1.6 Nobody's Fault But Mine
1.7 Save the Country
1.8 Why We Build the Wall
1.9 Turn It Around

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