Lilys: In The Presence Of Nothing

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Lilys

Title: In The Presence Of Nothing
Label: Frontier Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Here now are the complete recordings from Lilys' 1992 debut album In the Presence of Nothing and the band's 1991 single "February Fourteenth" spread out over two 180 gram vinyl LPs, digitally remastered for the 21st century. A journey that begins in the magical and meditative sonics of MY BLOODY VALENTINE and HUSKER DU, incorporating a curiously wandering sense of melody, finally winding up in a long cinematic corridor of urban industrial textures. The resulting program of amplified watercolors is the first and most important pinnacle of the American Shoegazing Aesthetic.

1.1 There Is No Such Thing As Black Orchids
1.2 Elizabeth Colour Wheel
1.3 Collider
1.4 Tone Bender
1.5 Periscope
1.6 It Does Nothing for Me
1.7 Snow Blinder
2.1 The Way Snowflakes Fall
2.2 Claire Hates Me
2.3 February Fourteenth
2.4 Threw a Day
2.5 Eskimo

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