Lilys: Zero Population Growth: Bliss Out Vol.15

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lilys

Artist: Lilys
Title: Zero Population Growth: Bliss Out Vol.15

Serious Krautrock! It's the lost NEU! Record !!! It's no secret that Kurt Heasley has an uncanny knack for duplicating the sound of any pop/rock genre with all the authenticity and vitality of the original. His group the Lilys have always been an evolving and revolving meeting of musical friends for his whimsical recording and touring projects. And in this respect, the Lilys latest incarnation is no different. But wait, this Lilys is entirely different from all previous. For Zero Population Growth, Kurt teamed up with long time fellow DC scenesters and artists in their own right TREVOR KAMPMAN aka HOLLAND and ARCHIE MOORE OF THE HEATWORMS. The boys have collectively and successfully created a new Krautrock masterpiece modeled after NEU!, Harmonia, Kraftwerk. Zero Population Growth sounds absolutely, authentically period, Germany 1975.

1.1 The Escape
1.2 The Law
1.3 Windows
1.4 You Win
1.5 Sharper Laws
1.6 Back Again

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