Linda Jones

Linda Jones: Hits Anthology

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Linda Jones

Title: Hits Anthology
Label: Essential Media Mod

One of the greatest soul singers who ever lived, this compilation is the most complete collection of hits from the soul diva who died just as she was rising to the top of the American charts.

1.1 Hypnotized
1.2 I Can't Stop Lovin' My Baby
1.3 Give My Love a Try
1.4 You Can't Take It
1.5 What Have I Done
1.6 I Can't Stand It
1.7 Things I've Been Through
1.8 If Only We Had Met Sooner
1.9 Make Me Surrender
1.10 A Last Minute Miracle
1.11 Seeing Is Believing
1.12 I'll Take Back My Love
1.13 Fugitive from Love
1.14 Ooh Baby, You Move Me
1.15 Your Precious Love
1.16 Not on the Outside
1.17 Stay with Me Forever
1.18 I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow
1.19 You Hit Me Like TNT
1.20 Take the Boy Out of the Country
1.21 I Who Have Nothing

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