Link 80

Link 80: 17 Reasons

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Link 80

Artist: Link 80
Title: 17 Reasons
Product Type: VINYL LP

Recorded when the band was still in high school, this is the first release by Bay Area locals, Link 80. Best described as East Bay Punk Rock Ska but with definite hardcore influences. New LP pressing after many years, this time on clear blue vinyl with download.

1.1 Verbal Kint
1.2 Nothing Left
1.3 Enough
1.4 Pretty Girls
1.5 Jeff Acree
1.6 Screwed
1.7 Termination
1.8 Turn It Around
1.9 What Can I Do?
1.10 Up to the Top
1.11 Dime Store Hoods
1.12 Slap
1.13 Dance Floor
1.14 Looking Back
1.15 Nowhere Fast
1.16 Jenifer's Cafe
1.17 Burning Down

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