Linval Thompson

Linval Thompson: Follow My Heart / I Love Jah

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Artist: Linval Thompson

Artist: Linval Thompson
Title: Follow My Heart / I Love Jah

1.1 Danger in Your Eyes
1.2 Stay a Little Bit Longer
1.3 Jumping for Joy
1.4 Skillfull Man
1.5 Lion and Tiger
1.6 If I Follow My Heart
1.7 My Baby
1.8 Give Me a Chance
1.9 Big Oppressor
1.10 Don?T Try to Love Me
1.11 I Can?T Stand the Pressure
1.12 You Must Feel It
1.13 Jah Jah Ah Do It
1.14 My Woman Is Gone
1.15 I Love Jah
1.16 No More War
1.17 Stop Loving
1.18 Mr. Wicket Man
1.19 Never Push Your Brother

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