Lisa McClendon

Lisa McClendon: Reality

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Artist: Lisa McClendon

Artist: Lisa McClendon
Title: Reality

Building on the success of her three previous CDs, Lisa McClendon returns with her highly anticipated release, Reality. It's the first title for her new self-owned label, BluSoul Entertainment. Having written and co-produced the majority of the tracks, Reality captures the essence of who Lisa McClendon truly is - as an artist and as an individual. In her desire to reach others, McClendon penned songs that provide therapeutic and heart-felt melodies that speak to the everyday struggles and triumphs of life.

1.1 Now I Get It
1.2 Makeover
1.3 Let Go
1.4 Immabeme
1.5 Pause
1.6 Please, Help Me Now
1.7 Who I Am
1.8 All Natural
1.9 Lust or Love
1.10 Thank You
1.11 Manifest
1.12 Heaven
1.13 All Right

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