Lisa Prank

Lisa Prank: Adult Teen

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Lisa Prank

Artist: Lisa Prank
Title: Adult Teen
Product Type: VINYL LP

Lisa Prank, Robin Edwards' Seattle-based solo project, has gained a dedicated following thanks to her expert marriage of a bubbly sound and all-too-relatable lyrics. Following 2014's exceptional Crush on the World, Lisa Prank returns with a breezy but focused collection of meticulously crafted bedroom pop gems. Adult Teen is dominated by bruised romanticism, introspective longing, and a palpable sense of desire, building a sound heavily influenced by 90s pop punk and the decade's lighthearted culture. Robin Edwards performs all of the Lisa Prank songs live with an electric guitar and a Roland MC-505 drum machine, delivering memorable performances with ease. Thanks to that fact, Lisa Prank has become a project that's frequently celebrated among Edwards' peers, some of whom, including Bree McKenna and Emily Nokes of Tacocat, Julia Shapiro of Chastity Belt, and Andrew Sullivan and Ian Dugas of The Trashies contributed performances to the record. Adult Teen was recorded and mixed by Eric Randall (Tacocat), mastered by Carl Saff, with artwork by Faye Orlove.

1.1 Starting Again
1.2 Luv Is Dumb
1.3 Heart 2 Heart
1.4 Best of Everything
1.5 Jumper
1.6 Take It All
1.7 Baby, Let Me Write Yr Lines
1.8 Why Can't We Just Dance
1.9 Drive Anywhere
1.10 Turn It Up
1.11 I Want to Believe

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