Liszt / Hewitt

Liszt / Hewitt: Pno Son Dante Son Petrarch Sonnets

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Liszt / Hewitt

Title: Pno Son Dante Son Petrarch Sonnets
Label: Hyperion

Angela Hewitt's notes for this important new album describe a teenager's moment of revelation when she first came to appreciate the epic masterpiece that is the Liszt Piano Sonata. Here we have a heart-felt recording where this palpable sense of wonder is manifest alongside Hewitt's enthralling technical facility at the keyboard. The program is completed by the second half of Liszt's dazzling second Année de pèlerinage collection: The three Petrarch Sonnets and the noble Dante Sonata, the latter composed as a fund-raiser for the Bonn Beethoven monument in 1839.

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