Living with Lions

Living with Lions: Holy Shit

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Product Type: CD

Title: Holy Shit
Label: Adeline Records

It has been a long and winding road since the band formed in 2007. From the start, there was something tangibly different about Living with Lions -their anthem-esque melody set them apart in the punk rock community. They wear their influences proudly while cultivating an experience all their own. HOLY SHIT reveals a group of young musicians, songwriters and friends maturing and truly coming into their own on all levels. The album touches on all the hallmarks of good punk rock angst, frustration, regret, longing and triumph while staying true to the band's definitive sound.

1.1 Pieces
1.2 Regret Song
1.3 In Your Light
1.4 Honesty, Honestly
1.5 Whatever You Want
1.6 Maple Drive Is Still Alive
1.7 Wake Up
1.8 Matthew's Anthem
1.9 Rough Around the Edges
1.10 When We Were Young

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