Lizzard: Eroded

Lizzard: Eroded
Title: Eroded
Label: Pelagic Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Lizzard's Eroded is a melting pot of invigorating riffs, heavy driven grooves and catchy vocal hooklines. Recorded during a long month of voluntary isolation at the legendary Castle Studios in Germany, Eroded brings a light at the end of the tunnel: "The vibe on the album is generally one of hope and an invitation to stay alert to the light within ourselves, and to keep moving towards brighter destinations."

1.1 Corrosive
1.2 Blowdown
1.3 Haywire
1.4 Flood
1.5 Hunted
1.6 The Decline
1.7 Eroded
1.8 Usque Ad Terram
1.9 Blue Moon
1.10 Inertia
1.11 Avalanche

Lizzard: Eroded

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