Lo Cor De La Plana

Lo Cor De La Plana: Lo Cor de la Plana

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Artist: Lo Cor De La Plana
Title: Lo Cor de la Plana

Lo Cor de La Plana is a male vocal ensemble from Marseilles, featuring six punchy singers who accompany their song with bendir drums, tambourines, foot stomping and hand clapping. The band has devoted itself to the re-creation of the Occitan heritage. With unequalled fervour, they sing all repertoires from the most religious to the most unbridled and from the most recurrent to the most sporadic.

1.1 Tant Deman
1.2 La Novita
1.3 Conds
1.4 Fanfarnta
1.5 Feniant E Gromand
1.6 Nu Gojatas
1.7 Bosin
1.8 Rmpe Bassas
1.9 La Vilha
1.10 Lva-Ti Dau Mitan
1.11 Jorns de Mai
1.12 Mi Parltz Pas de Trabalhar

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