Lolomis: Boukane

Lolomis: Boukane
Title: Boukane
Label: Buda Musique

Lolomis follows the path that leads to the cursed wood, the one against which the grandmothers warn us, the one that frightens but which attracts. The quartet composed of a singer, a harp, flutes and percussion, here foils the codes of the pop with a malice virtuoso and refined colors. Song of Russian revolt, incantation of black magic, lament of a wandering sailor, songs of the Inuit women

1.1 Ezlani
1.2 Kakna
1.3 Pourqoui Tu N'es Pas LÃ '
1.4 Hababa (Impro)
1.5 Nicht Vegessen
1.6 Margaret
1.7 Paaradi
1.8 Latif Aga
1.9 Patroa Da Rua
1.10 Naka
1.11 Toundra

Lolomis: Boukane

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