London Lasses/Pete Quinn

London Lasses/Pete Quinn: Track Across the Deep

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Product Type: CD

Title: Track Across the Deep
Label: London Las

On "Track Across the Deep", London Lasses are again joined by pianist Pete Quinn, who brings his diverse musical background to accompany the Lasses on a selection of jigs, reels, other dances and songs, all in an exciting way which still manages to remain faithful to the tradition.

1.1 Bohola Jig
1.2 Besom in Bloom
1.3 Paddy Taylor's
1.4 Piper on Horseback
1.5 Hardiman the Fiddler
1.6 Fig for a Kiss
1.7 Fisherman's
1.8 Beautiful Goldfinch
1.9 There's a Path Across the Ocean
1.10 Barge Inn
1.11 New Year's Eve
1.12 John Brennan's
1.13 Rodney's Glory
1.14 William MacGonigal's
1.15 Kitty Sean Cunningham's
1.16 Ball of Yarn
1.17 Bridget Cruise
1.18 O' Sullivan's
1.19 Imelda Rowland's
1.20 Maeve's Reel
1.21 Master's Return
1.22 Geese in the Bog
1.23 Taylor's
1.24 FR Tom's Wager
1.25 Red-Haired Man's Wife
1.26 Keryma's Daughter
1.27 Paddy Fahy's
1.28 Mary MC Mathon

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