London May

London May: Devilution - The Early Years 1981-1993

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: London May

Title: Devilution - The Early Years 1981-1993
Label: Cleopatra
Product Type: VINYL LP

A devilishly good sampling of the early years and evolution of renowned stickman London May, drummer for numerous seminal punk/noise bands in the '80s and early '90s!Features previously unreleased tracks by Samhain, Dag Nasty, and Circle Jerks, plus rare tracks by Lunch Box (with TSOL's Ron Emory), Distorted Pony (produced by Steve Albini), and more!

1.1 Fist Fight - Rat Patrol
1.2 Talons and Claws - Reptile House
1.3 Sleestak Weather - Reptile House
1.4 To Walk the Night (Live '99) - Samhain
1.5 What I See - Voice of Doom
1.6 The Godfather - Dag Nasty
1.7 Can I Say - Dag Nasty
1.8 Shaky on the Wrong Floor - Reuben Radding
1.9 Nuthin' - Lunch Box
1.10 Number One - Dead White and Blue
1.11 Come and Get It - Dead, White and Blue
1.12 How Many More? - Dogpile
1.13 Hod - Distorted Pony
1.14 Dept. of Existence - Distorted Pony
1.15 Wonderful (Live Audition) - Circle Jerks

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