Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger: Hi Yo Silver Away

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lone Ranger

Title: Hi Yo Silver Away
Label: Greensleeves

Excellent and rare early dancehall set from the deejay Lone Ranger, one of the most original and innovative artists of his genre, whose first releases appeared on Studio One in the late 1970s. Originally released in 1982, HI, YO SILVER AWAY! Now appears on CD for the first time. Utilising the talents of some of the greatest musicians ever to come out of Jamaica, like Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Sky Juice, Sticky, Dean Fraser, Nambo, Chico, David Madden and Willie Lindo. As a bonus the CD includes two tracks - "Johnny Make US Bad So" and the dub version by the Taxi Gang "Outside Left" - only previously released on a Greensleeves 12" Disco 45.

1.1 Tom Drunk
1.2 Rub 'N' Scrub
1.3 Legalize the National Herb
1.4 Gunshot Mek Daughter Drop
1.5 Living As a Poor
1.6 Johnny Make You Bad So
1.7 The Clock
1.8 Lone Ranger + Tonto
1.9 Solomon
1.10 Love Affair Problem
1.11 Johnny Make You Bad So
1.12 Outside Right - Taxi Gang

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