Lonewolf: Cult of Steel

Lonewolf: Cult of Steel
Title: Cult of Steel
Label: Soulfood

Four guys delivering melodic heavy metal with speed and gusto. Mostly the pace is racing, barreling like a Japanese bullet train. Drums thunder, bass rumbles. Alex Hilbert rips off some tasty, fiery, and relatively fast solos. Vocalist Jens Börner rasps his way above it all like a lone hungry wolf.

1.1 The Cult of Steel
1.2 Hordes of the Night
1.3 Werewolf Rebellion
1.4 Blood of the Heretic
1.5 Hell's Legacy
1.6 Funeral Pyre
1.7 Force to Fight
1.8 Open Fire
1.9 Mysterium Fidei
1.10 The Grey Wolves

Lonewolf: Cult of Steel

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